HELIENE Inc. (HELIENE) is the leading manufacturer of high-efficiency, maximum yield, state-of-the-art photovoltaic solar modules that can produce over 335 watts of power per module.

To protect and ensure these state-of-the-art modules perform to their potential, HELIENE offers an industry-leading product warranty and power guarantee. This guarantee ensures that our product outperforms our clients’ expectations.


HELIENE Product Warranty:

HELIENE will certify that the photovoltaic modules manufactured and serviced directly from its premises in Sault Ste. Marie conform to the requirements of the specified norm and will provide the following:

a) Ten-year guarantee for manufacturing or material defects

HELIENE guarantees that, for a period of ten years from the date of shipment, to the invoiced buyer, their modules are free from faults in their materials or our own manufacturing process, under normal conditions of installation and use.

Should at any time during the aforementioned guarantee validity period, the module not function correctly due to its manufacturing or to deterioration or wear of one of its relevant components, HELIENE agrees, depending on the type of defect found, to repair, replace or refund for the particular faulty panel.

b) Twenty-five-year linear power guarantee

HELIENE guarantees that, for a period of twenty-five years from the date of shipment to the invoiced buyer, the average power the module generates and which is measured in standard test conditions (I=1000W/m2; AM 1.5; Tcel: 25C), will not be lower than 80% of its minimum value.

Initial degradation may occur of up to 3%, while 0.7% maximum year of year continual degradation until year 24 until 80% of initial power at year 25.

HELIENE linear power guarantee

c) Exclusions and Limitations of the Guarantee

  • The following cases shall not be covered by the guarantee-related rights herein
  • Accidents due to storage at client’s site, on different commercial arrangements including warehousing, the limitation, and exclusion of guarantee shall be negotiated and agreed by the
  • Incorrect handling (other than by HELIENE or its shipper), negligent installation, use or maintenance.
  • Damage resulting from surges, storm discharges, floods, earthquakes, fires and actions by third parties or any other reason implying non-conformity with standard conditions of
  • Manipulation of modules serial numbers leading to the incorrect identification of the faulty module.
  • The guarantees expressed herein shall cover the shipping costs incurred by the return of the repaired or replacement modules from/to site, but shall not include the installation and/or reinstallation of the modules.

For more information on HELIENE’s Product Warranty, Power Guarantee or Claims Process, please contact warranty@heliene.com or use the form below to initiate a warranty claim.

RMA Submission / Warranty Inquiry

Please complete the form below and include as much information as possible, including pictures of the proposed defect and one with the serial numbers visible. One of our technical representatives will be in touch within two (2) business days to start the returns process.