At HELIENE, quality means going beyond “adequate” standards and consistently striving for the very best. Here, quality is the result of innovative thinking and a commitment that goes all the way from design and execution to the final delivery of every product.

ISO:9001 Certified

At HELIENE Inc, there is a certain standard placed on the quality of our product in order to fully satisfy the needs and desires of our clients. Our acquirement of ISO 9001 certification ensures we are on the cutting edge with our quality management system.

HELIENE Inc. is now in a select group of companies that adheres and abides by the highest quality standards possible. With it becoming more common for businesses to require manufacturers and suppliers to be certified under ISO 9001, it was an imperative step for HELIENE Inc. to take in order to propel ourselves to an exceptional level of quality and customer service.

The benefits of ISO:9001 certification to HELIENE Inc. and our customers include but not limited to:

  • More responsive to customer needs
  • Standardized business processes
  • More effective internal and external communications
  • Improved efficiency of Operations
  • Substantial growth in customer satisfaction


HELIENE’s manufacturing methodologies embrace innovation at every turn by utilizing the correct amount of automation, with the ultimate goal of long-term sustainability.
We hold several solar power patents, as well as others with the associated monitoring technology. Our products are created using robotics, calibrated automated manipulation technologies, artificial vision, and the detailed programming of solder control. We consistently consider the needs and demands of our clients as we develop new technologies and solar power solutions. That’s why you can always rely on HELIENE to keep at the forefront of solar technology, all the while staying true to outstanding customer service and satisfaction.


HELIENE’s manufacturing line was made and assembled in-house by HELIENE Europe’s sister company, Sistemas de Automatizacion de Procesos (SAP). The experience accumulated in the Spanish plant of HELIENE was capitalized upon to improve the flexibility of the equipment installed in our Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario facility.

The line is 80 percent automated, which ensures consistent product quality as minimal personnel is required to operate the entire manufacturing line for every shift of operation. Also, the entire line is computer controlled, and is managed from a system of touch screen panels. This allows for manufacturing information and process parameters long-term storage, which enables 100 percent final product traceability. Our Ontario plant was developed with a spacious cell-welding area to produce modules of up to 96 cells (400 Wp, 2 m x 1.35 m in size).