HELIENE is proud to announce its latest technology, dubbed the HD module. The HD module is the highest efficiency product that has ever been produced inside the borders of Ontario, using some of the leading technologies in the PV industry the HELIENE series can achieve outputs of 270Wp and 320Wp in both the 60-cell and 72-cell formats respectively.

Some of the new technologies employed to achieve such high efficiencies include:

  • Anti-Reflective / Thin Ribbon– replacing standard module bussing ribbon with a special alloy that promotes refraction of light into the cells rather than reflecting it. Decreasing the ribbon contact area on the cell but keeping the same cross-sectional area of the ribbon allows for more radiation to enter the cell while still maintaining the minimum serial resistance possible.
  • Highest Efficiency Cells– in conjunction with the leading manufacturers of crystalline solar cells HELIENE Inc. has been able to secure supply agreements to receive only the highest efficiency cells available, almost exclusively over 19.0% efficient.
  • Decreased Module Surface Area– decreasing the module footprint by removing dead white space increases the overall module efficiency in the HD product.
  • Advanced Soldering Technology (AST)– allows for more uniform and therefore better solder connection then previous generation technologies. The more uniform connection between ribbon and cell collector reduces serial resistance further and improves electron collection from the solar cell.

The HD module line will be available commercially by the middle of August 2012. For more information please visit our website or contact us via e-mail at generalinfo@heliene.ca

More Power. Period.

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