CORE logoSault Ste. Marie, Ontario (August 7, 2012) – The Local Content Assurance Inc. (LCAB) announced today that it has completed a rigorous indepedent review of HELIENE Inc.’s manufacturing facilities and products. As a result of that review, LCAB has issued a CORE Certification to HELIENE, indicating that HELIENE-produced solar photovoltaic modules at their Sault Ste. Marie plant are in accordance with its Ontario domestic content requirements.

LCAB’s Contributor to Ontario Renewable Energy Program (CORE Program) is an industry led, voluntary certification process developed to help Ontario manufacturers, suppliers, professional services firms, and individuals meet domestic content requirements set out by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in the OPA’s Feed-In Tarrig Program (FIT Program).

This CORE certification required a detailed on-site review of HELIENE’s production facilities in order to verify a wide variety of aspects of HELIENE’s production practices, capacity, documentation and techniques. Based on this detailed review and further analysis, LCAB can say with confience that HELIENE’s products fulfill in our opinion the domestic content requirements set forth in the FIT Program, specifically with regards to activity 4 of both Table 2 and Table 4.

“We are delighted to issue a CORE Certification to HELIENE,” said Etienne Lecompte, Managing Director of LCAB. “HELIENE is an example of a company that is putting jobs and investment dollars into Ontario. We applaud the Ontario provincial government and the OPA for implementing the FIT Program, which has created incentives for companies like HELIENE to make these investments. Without the government’s leadership, these opportunities would not be possible.”

Martin Pochtaruk, President of HELIENE said: “Guaranteeing and ensuring that Ontario Domestic Content rules are followed by each one of us is a fundamental part of our industry’s accountability and a necessary step to ensure Ontario Manufactuer’s sustainability. LCAB will help us acheive that goal through the proper control of manufacturing practices, bringing to FIT Contract holders the required certainty that domestic content requirements are met.”

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