Manage Electricity Costs with Commercial EV Charging Stations

Provide a cleaner, cheaper, and convenient charging experience for your customers with Heliene’s E-Mobility Solution.

As more electric vehicles hit the road, businesses that provide EV charging stations will gain a competitive advantage by appealing to increasingly eco-minded consumers and increasing visit time and frequency. But the high utility demand charges that result from EV chargers can deter businesses from investing in this valuable amenity.

Heliene’s E-Mobility Solution significantly lowers the electricity costs and carbon emissions associated with EV charging through the use of renewable energy and energy storage, while providing shade from sun and weather with an attractive solar canopy.

Save energy with our solar canopy + storage solution

By using the electricity generated from solar panels for EV charging, businesses can insulate themselves from fluctuating utility rates, which have been steadily increasing year over year across the U.S. Since the sun doesn’t shine 24/7, adding a battery to the system will ensure that your charging facility can reliably operate with clean energy day and night, while helping reduce high cost utility demand charges.

Heliene provides fully integrated solar canopies and turn-key installation services for businesses, leveraging our industry-leading bifacial modules and our partners’ energy storage systems. The canopies can be customized to fit your property’s unique requirements as to not interfere with daily operations or parking lot capacity and traffic flow. Heliene can add solar and energy storage to your existing EV charging stations, or support you with integration for new sites. 

A driver using a commercial ev charging station

A sustainable solution For commercial EV charging stations

Heliene’s E-Mobility Solution gives companies the opportunity to provide a sustainable and cost-effective EV charging service for their customers. As opposed to relying on fossil fuel derived energy from the grid, adding onsite solar and energy storage puts energy control in your hands — so your clean transportation amenity is even greener. 

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