BiPV Solar Modules from Heliene

Aesthetically pleasing design solutions for integrating solar into the built environment.

Today, architects are tasked with designing buildings to not only be beautiful and functional, but to be sustainable as well. While solar panels are a key component of net zero energy buildings, traditional rack mounted rooftop solar can interfere with the aesthetics of the architectural vision.

Bipv Solar Panel connected to bipv solar shingles

Introducing Heliene Building Integrated PV (BiPV) Modules

Heliene has harnessed recent advancements in glass and solar technology to develop Building Integrated PV modules that generate clean solar power while doubling as exterior building elements including roofs, facades, exterior cladding, windows, skylights, pergolas, balcony railings, and more.

All the PV cells are masked behind colour coated glass to blend harmoniously with façades without compromising peak power efficiency. The glass appears to be opaque when looking at the building, but it’s actually transparent and can function as windows. Our easily installable BiPV modules produce the same amount of energy or more than traditional black panels, offering as much as 90% solar transmittance depending on the colour. BIPV modules are also often more durable than the building elements they replace, adding to long term economic benefits of solar power’s reduced energy costs.

Efficient glass solar panels double as the building facade

Heliene utilizes SwissINSO’s Kromatix glass technology, which involves the application of highly efficient and environmentally friendly nanotechnology surface treatments optimized for solar energy. The product has no paint or tint. Atomic deposition transforms the solar glass into colour that stays true even throughout extensive time and sun exposure. A multilayered coating on the inner glass surface facilitates high solar transmittance, minimal absorption, and high durability. The treatment of the outer glass surface results in diffused reflection which prevents blinding glare effects and reinforces the masking effect of the solar technology which further enhances aesthetics. Heliene offers a selection of gray, blue, blue-green, bronze, or brass coloured BiPV solar modules.

Solar photovoltaic glass
Solar transmittance of photovoltaic glass

Add BiPV Solar Panels to any project at any stage

Whether you’re in the preliminary design phases, construction process, or want to add BIPV to a current building, it’s never too late to incorporate our high-efficiency BIPV modules and take advantage of their many benefits. In retrofit situations when BIPV is added to a building after construction, BIPV can be used to hide unattractive building exteriors.

Adding BiPV solar panels to a project can help reduce costs and increase the overall efficiency of the project. BiPV solar panels can be added at any stage of the project, making it a versatile and affordable solution. In addition, BiPV systems are reliable and long-lasting, making them a good investment for any project.

Achieve your sustainable building design vision with BiPV

Are you ready to take advantage of exciting new opportunities for combining architectural design flexibility with unparalleled solar panel performance? Contact our sales team today to learn more.