Repairing the world

Heliene is challenging the solar industry status quo by putting customers first. It’s doing so as well by manufacturing high quality, competitively priced solar systems made to order in North America. By supporting customers with its in house logistics team and just in time supply chain solution. And by being remarkably responsive.

We’re also challenging ourselves to help repair the world, a concept grounded in the ancient Hebrew – Tikkun Olam – but highly relevant today. It’s a promise, a commitment and a singular focus that guides our support for customers. It guides us to continuously innovate to produce high performing solar modules, and to create good jobs for North American workers.

Our People

Our company is different because our people are different. We’ve built a dynamic workplace that promotes both ingenuity and individuality. The remarkable responsiveness, flexibility and support offered to customers are both a reflection of and a result of this culture.

Chief Canine Officer

Helios + Energy = Heliene

Heliene is the result of an alliance between Helios Energy Europe and North American-based entrepreneurs committed to changing the way solar providers support and contribute to customers’ success.

Our name is a portmanteau of the Greek sun god, Helios, and Energy. Yet it’s come to embody our values, our commitment to customers and our responsiveness.

Over the years we’ve heard lots of pronunciations. It’s probably our fault. But to get the highest quality, competitively priced modules along with remarkably responsive service, ask for


Martin Pochtaruk



Brad Simard

Chief Growth and Corporate Services Officer

E    bsimard@heliene.com

Gustavo Loureiro

VP, Operations

E    gloureiro@heliene.com

Nadeem Haque

Chief Technology Officer

David Reasenberg

David Reasenberg

VP, Sales & Business Development

E    dreasenberg@heliene.com

Michel Beaupre

Michel Beaupre

Chief Supply Chain Officer

E    mbeaupre@heliene.com

Felice Addorisio

Chief Financial Officer

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