Get the Flexibility and Responsiveness You Need to

Deliver Solar Modules for Projects On Time and On Budget

High Quality Solar PV Modules with Fewer Headaches and More Peace of Mind

Exactly What You Need. When and Where You Need It. For Any Size Project

Our just-in-time-supply solution and in-house logistics team ensure you get the solar modules you need, precisely when and where you want them, without incurring warehousing costs or change order issues. Because we are flexible by design and in practice, it’s easier for you to complete your projects on time and on budget.

Scope and Timetables May Change. Our Commitment to Your Success Never Does

Solar projects can be complex. Things may change. We collaborate with you to help you manage and navigate the changes, so your project and your profits are never in jeopardy.

We’re Responsive and Ready to Help

You can’t afford to wait days to get an answer to an important question. Or for a response to your change order. So we pick up the phone when you call. And we respond to your inquiries ASAP, without making you wait.

Made in North America

We manufacture high quality solar photovoltaic modules in our American and Canadian facilities. The supply chains are short, and our modules are never held up in port or customs. And we meet requirements for the Buy American and also the American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts.

Tough Enough for Satellites in Space

Our modules are so robust and reliable they are used to power satellites in the unforgiving extremes of outer space.